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The medieval palace was the country residence of the powerful Prince Bishops of Durham from 1183 until passing into the care of the Auckland Castle Trust in 2012 which is working to transform what had been an almost unknown and unvisited private dwelling into a vibrant heritage attraction.
In the fifth step, the integrated technique searches unvisited neighboring cells linked to the current cell in the virtual network, and then it calculates the travel costs from the current cell to the unvisited neighboring cells.
Family legend has it that when I was born he was so worried about seeing women breastfeeding their babies my poor mother remained unvisited during her short spell in hospital.
My neighbor was telling me about Eciftlik, a pinprick of a village that lurks unvisited on the plain due west of NevE-ehir.
Today, we can see how its Prime Minister has always been alert, noble and courageous and has left no place unvisited and was assured by himself about the flow of daily life of citizens.
However many studies where humans visited nests had the same or even higher success rates than unvisited nests.
Yasir Arman, the SPLA/M-N Secretary General, told US and Sudanese activists on Saturday that the SRF's recent offensive was meant to convince the population yet unvisited by war that the government was sufficiently weak to be toppled through the combined military might of the SRF and the 'revolutionary' initiative of the political forces and civil society organisations that seek to overthrow the regime by peaceful means.
I can give many examples of films coming from unvisited territories which have been selected anyway.
many of the loveliest of colours had already disappeared, or existed only where no one saw them, in the submarine gardens fathoms deep below the surface of the sea" (126)--here, in the description of the Norwich weavers' works, there is a sense given that all the bright hues in their work are still available for scrutiny, even if in a rare and largely unvisited museum.
As a newly-minted 30 year-old, it strikes me as odd that despite growing incomes, gap years, the booming Aussie dollar and burgeoning Asian tourist economies, Australia's remote natural wonders are going unvisited by the young.
Figure 3: the Basic version of DBSCANAlgorithm DBSCAN(D, eps, MinPts) C = 0 for each unvisited point P in dataset D mark P as visited NeighborPts = regionQuery(P, eps) if sizeof(NeighborPts) < MinPts mark P as NOISE else C = next cluster expandCluster(P, NeighborPts, C, eps, MinPts) expandCluster(P, NeighborPts, C, eps, MinPts) add P to cluster C for each point P' in NeighborPts if P' is not visited mark P' as visited NeighborPts' = regionQuery(P', eps) ifsizeof(NeighborPts') > = MinPts NeighborPts = NeighborPts joined with NeighborPts' if P' is not yet member of any cluster add P' to cluster C regionQuery(P, eps) return all points within P's eps-neighborhood
When asked what made him described Lord Howe Island as "paradise", he said " It is a special place because it is relatively unknown or at least unvisited, even for Australians.