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Analysis of voiced and unvoiced speech segments from Whi-Spe database show that voiced sounds are dominant in normal speech (62.
The following benefits are expected: higher glottic closure, mucosa mobilization improvement, improvement of perceptive-auditory vocal alterations, reduction of acoustic measures jitter, shimmer, noise-to-harmonics ratio, f0 measures, vocal breaks, unvoiced segments and sub-harmonics 4.
By doing so it reaches out into society and goes beyond the operational conventions that surpass the space of the library -- in contrast to the unvoiced migrants -- and comes as a multiple opening towards the visitor of both the exhibition and the library.
a melody unvoiced from root through stalk and stems--what else should
And as they read out their "Hiyas" to groups of people in the theatre they were clearly enjoying their own, unvoiced, jokes.
This is quite evident from the fact that, international community generally remained unvoiced over the Kashmiri genocide by Indian Army, following their renewed struggle, started in 1990.
2500 unvoiced panels made from plywood 15 x 2710 x 1472 mm floor compartment carriages MDVE Specification FS 307972 Type B application design FS 100599 - cat.
She visited poor communities around the country and found deep unvoiced resentment at the effects of losing funding and services because of austerity measures.
Meanwhile, typically vocalic forms like the street demonstration invited a growing feminist public into silent acts of reading through suffragists' unvoiced display of placards and banners.
Therefore, ponder this possibility: a voiced counterpart of an unvoiced phoneme (the "minimum acoustic element of oral speech") may have the effect of a morpheme (a "stable part of a word" that "conveys meaning") and is "typically composed of one phoneme" (Eisenson, Auer, and Irwin 110).
One may believe antibiotics cure everything, and the next may have an unvoiced concern that he has caught a sexually transmitted infection from oral sex.
However, it is also a Type 2 with the 's' unvoiced, meaning : to serve again.