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His was an equal opportunity, optimistic and not coincidentally unwarlike formula for economic success.
Read in light of the other named works in the play, and considered in the context of other contemporary texts that invoke plays as saleable objects and treasured possessions, Shakespeare's folio appears in Newcastle's play as a decidedly unwarlike "accoutrement"--one perhaps uniquely suited to defend against the ideological volatility of the times.
The incident blossomed into farce when the German commander "complained of [Lovat's] unwarlike behaviour and said that he would report it to the Fuhrer.
Her reading experience is short-lived and a failure, according to Hirst's criteria: in the passage Rachel happens upon, Roman generals who attempt the reduction of Aethiopia and Arabia Felix find themselves overwhelmed by the tropical climate which favors and protects "the unwarlike natives of those sequestered regions" (196), and they give up their northern expansion into Europe as particularly Germany is "filled with a hardy race of barbarians, who despised life when it was separated from freedom" (196).
Greenberg finds an astonishing number of synonyms and metaphors for violence: stabbing, cutting, piercing, tearing, even in unwarlike contexts.
29) The portrait certainly shows the elderly Sauk to be unintimidating and decidedly unwarlike.
Just as the generic purity of Statius' epic is adulterated by its transgressively erotic sojourn in the unwarlike and feminine milieu of Scyros, Achilles' own gender-purity as an epic hero is tainted by his transvestism, and thus the poem poses an intrinsic connection between the ambiguities of the masculine and those of epic itself.
The nation that has trained itself to a cancer of unwarlike and isolated ease is bound in the end to go down before other nations who have not lost the manly and adventurous virtues," he once wrote.
For once, the government's political correctness is not to blame for the apparent unwarlike representation of the Canadian soldier.
But India, despite the seemingly friendly diplomacy of Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee, the unwarlike prime minister, Manmohan Singh and, in the background, another unwarlike figure, the chairwoman of the Congress party, Sonia Gandhi, couldn't bring itself to go the extra mile.
Smith reminds his Glaswegian students that in 1745 (less than twenty years prior to the lecture), "four or 5 thousand naked unarmed highlanders took possession of the improved parts of this country without any opposition from the unwarlike inhabitants.