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But India, despite the seemingly friendly diplomacy of Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee, the unwarlike prime minister, Manmohan Singh and, in the background, another unwarlike figure, the chairwoman of the Congress party, Sonia Gandhi, couldn't bring itself to go the extra mile.
Smith reminds his Glaswegian students that in 1745 (less than twenty years prior to the lecture), "four or 5 thousand naked unarmed highlanders took possession of the improved parts of this country without any opposition from the unwarlike inhabitants.
It was also sung as a battle song or war song, despite its unwarlike character.
Since 1967 to the present, much anti-Israel and anti-Jewish rhetoric revolves around the Jews who have become warlike, thus subverting the older image of the Jew being despised for being unwarlike.
Those were: askebathie and askefise both being terms 'of reproach among northern nations for an unwarlike fellow who stayed at home in the chimney-corner'; housecarl 'a member of the household troops of a Danish king, an armed retainer'; russwale 'walrus hide'; rew 'a burr for a rivet', slenger 'a soldier armed with a sling' and weilster 'a female professional mourner'.
He had abandoned a very unwarlike career as Boston's leading bookseller for the military life.
Through his scrounging and swapping, the once unwarlike LST-395 was soon bristling with guns.
In keeping with the renunciation of war in the Japanese Constitution, the troops will engage in unwarlike activities and operate under strict guidelines, firing, for example, only when fired upon.
It is now accepted, as Gareth Evans himself has pointed out, that democracies are unwarlike.
Shortly before the battle of Cannae, he urged commanders to restrain themselves in the face of censure and demands for boldness from Roman citizens: "Let them call you timid, instead of cautious; slow, instead of circumspect; unwarlike, instead of experienced solider.