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We have warned them from time to time of attempts by their legislature to extend an unwarrantable jurisdiction over us.
Commander of the Faithful Imam School, unwarrantable.
Here, the breach of trust, albeit unwarrantable and treacherous, underscores the perception of street children as mere ciphers, but also Azure's lack of schooling (his dropping out of school at the age of thirteen comes home to roost).
English Baptists] differ from the primitive churches" and his HEB depicted Baptists in a line of Christians stretching back to the "Primitive Baptists" who had defended and practiced adult baptism, denied the validity of pedobaptism as a "human tradition, and unwarrantable custom," and accordingly were persecuted more than all other Dissenting movements.
It appears unwarrantable to assert that Channa is a wholly benighted soul lost to his own self-destructive defilements.
However, it is an unwarrantable thesis in this form nowadays; it well shows the rank of the Stoic heritage in the rise of modernity, and the historical reflections written on it.
During a humorous defense of the magazine's many veils and disguises, he argues that Blackwood's deserves its enormous commercial success because it proceeds "without that vile anonymous disguise, under which such unwarrantable liberties are frequently taken with you, my Public.
This is an unwarrantable, unacceptable understanding.
165) After the jury awarded punitive damages, the court denied the plaintiffs' motion to set aside on the ground of the excessiveness, because the plaintiffs initiated a "vexatious and unwarrantable proceeding.
The effect on him was to plunge him to the depths of an unwarrantable despondency.
Dismissing the claim by Neer's family that "the Mexican authorities showed an unwarrantable lack of diligence or an unwarrantable lack of intelligent investigation in prosecuting the culprits," the Commission characterized the MST in the following terms:
For the lay viewer, this unwarrantable gaffe puts the director's credibility into question.