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Yet, having shown good sense in dismissing the possibility of incest, Barker then, quite unwarrantably, reads a passage from Thomas de Quincey, accusing Dorothy of want of femininity, as implying that she was a lesbian.
the Gates erected thereon have been unwarrantably left open, the Fences destroyed .
they not unwarrantably expect great results" (cited in Gilmour 177; See also 147-94).
builds his somewhat scattershot case (with alphabetically arranged chapters) by claiming Lewis misunderstands the nature of allegory, unwarrantably tries to distinguish literary source from literary influence unjustifiably rejects any philosophy of history, downplays the personal nature of poetry, and is a solemn "scholar of division.
It unwarrantably assumes that authorial autographs require the lapse of some decent length of time before ceasing to be available.
In his current editorial, Maddox arguesthat Stewart and Feder make this assertion "injudiciously" -- that although the published version of the study is not defamatory, earlier drafts were unwarrantably damaging to the reputations of the Harvard and Emory researchers, according to NATURE's own lawyers.