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A beach near Manaus, venue for our opener againstItaly, has killed 17 unwary locals in the past two years - just when they thought it was safe to get out of the water.
A NEW email scam is going the rounds that could trap the unwary because of its fear factor.
One example: the pedestrian crossing by the library at Weoley Castle could trap the unwary, especially a non-swimmer, because the first couple of feet is designed for our web-footed friends.
Pot holes the depth of newly dug mine shafts are now filled in with deluge rain water completely baffling the unwary.
From questionable advances in the field of food additives, to a craze for highly flammable celluloid jewellery, many new innovations posed an unexpected threat for the unwary.
The Governor described the cowardly terrorist attack as a new phenomenon meant to exercise violence and terrify unwary people inside mosques.
My instinct is that this practice just takes advantage of the more unwary occasional racegoer who does not notice these details as quickly as the more battle-hardened.
I make no secret of my loathing of the internet and all that may befall the unwary who are blind to its evident dangers.
The click fraud makes a zip file download on the unwary user's computer, which then generates a vicious ransomware.
In 2009 he presented an introduction to the Form 990 and also gave a concurrent session on special events fund-raising: Traps for the Unwary.
Summary: Geneva, May 19, 2010, SPA -- Production and sale of counterfeit drugs is on the rise in rich and poor countries, with more unwary consumers buying them over the Internet, Reuters quoted experts as warning today.
HARVEST time means patches of mud are likely to mean extra danger for unwary drivers, says the Institute of Advanced Motorists.