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The pale moonlight streamed through a shattered fanlight over the door; the air was unwholesome and chilly, like that of a vault.
I am going to the medicine-chest next, to physic the kitchen-maid -- an unwholesome girl, whose face-ache is all stomach.
A clammy and intensely cold mist, it made its slow way through the air in ripples that visibly followed and overspread one another, as the waves of an unwholesome sea might do.
In society there were silly conversations lasting half a minute, cool acquaintanceships founded on such half-minutes, general reciprocity of suspicion, overcrowding, insufficient ventilation, bad music badly executed, late hours, unwholesome food, intoxicating liquors, jealous competition in useless expenditure, husband-hunting, flirting, dancing, theatres, and concerts.
How many people out of the suit Jarndyce and Jarndyce has stretched forth its unwholesome hand to spoil and corrupt would be a very wide question.
The man was tall and raw-boned, with a long yellow moustache, an unwholesome complexion, and filthy nails.
His weak eyes for once were eloquent, but with the eloquence of cupidity and unwholesome craving, his lean cheeks twitched and his hands shook.
GUJRANWALA -- Six member of a family fell unconscious after taking unwholesome milk at Faqirpura on Sunday.
This idea is also expected to put an end to the unwholesome sight of cattle being herded within residential areas of the city and those destroying economic crops in the environment.
PFA food safety officials seized over 23,000 litres of unwholesome oil extracted from animal fats.
It will also interest you to note that people who are committing this unwholesome act live with us in some of our communities and some of our citizens know them and harbors them as well,' says Senator Jallah.
SIALKOT -- Police on Friday arrested a butcher and recovered 240 kg unwholesome meat from his possession.