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I knew that for many people 'hobo' meant unwholesomeness and an irresponsible life, and to them even sociology was suspect.
The instability of the Negro family, the inadequacy of educational facilities for Negroes, the emotionalism in the Negro church, the insufficiency and unwholesomeness of Negro recreational activity, the excess of Negro social organizations, the narrowness of interest of the average Negro, the provincialism of his political thinking, the high Negro crime rate, the cultivation of the arts to the neglect of other fields, superstition, personality difficulties, and other 'characteristics' are mainly forms of social ill-health, which, for the most part, are created by caste pressures (in Rose, 1964, p.
Not only are children exposed to inappropriate material in the way of pornography, advertising, religious or political proselytizing -- they can also be stalked by people whose nefarious interests in children run the gamut of unwholesomeness.
In a 1914 decision, the Illinois Supreme Court described the importance of the question, saying, "There is no article of food in more general use than milk; none whose impurity or unwholesomeness may more quickly, more widely, and more seriously affect the health of those who use it.
The First Circuit reversed the grant of injunction because the granted depended upon "an untoward judicial evaluation of the offensiveness or unwholesomeness of the appellant's materials" and considerations of the "coarseness and baseness" of the parody.
But Rosie sees also, like the Professor himself, the unwholesomeness that the Professor's dependence upon James's money has introduced into his sense of himself: "the money was a disease," he knows, "yet it was ease.