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The challenge, ultimately, may not be to reduce the apparent unwieldiness of sustainable consumption as a research focus.
Did the apparent unwieldiness of the skirt keep women in their place--literally and figuratively--or did it in fact encourage their entry into the public sphere and allow them greater control over their own sexuality?
Brian Smallman expresses the prevailing view that these cuts helped but could not quite salvage a lost cause: "As a result [of the cuts] the movement's general unwieldiness was considerably modified, though its basic problem--its structural diffuseness--still to some extent remained" (Smallman, The Piano Trio: Its History, Technique, and Repertoire [Oxford: Clarendon, 1990], 80).
First is phenomenal madness: a severe unwieldiness or chaos of mind--producing fundamental crises of perception, emotion, meaning, and selfhood--as experienced in the consciousness of the "mad" subject.
While bright spots of analysis, key historical reporting, and lessons for modern application appear throughout, they are overshadowed by the book's unwieldiness.
A mathematical weighting system similar to a TOWS (Weihrich, 1982) or MOWST matrix (Dobbs & Pisarczyk, in press) was considered, but ultimately rejected due to anticipated unwieldiness.
They could, for example, transition from noticing the previously described unwieldiness of the three categories of the Brazilian public civil action to realizing the arbitrary nature of the categorization of class suits in the United States.
This option would be a step in the right direction to reduce the above mentioned unwieldiness of the current situation; but, it would do little to bring professionalism to the affairs of government.
But the trial is also proving to be another example of the unwieldiness of international justice.
So though we might experience a renewed awareness of our own emotional range and emotional points of weakness-that wayward and violent passion that Kristeva talks about-we are also a re-acquainted with the world around us, in its extremity and in all its dumb materiality, as we venture forth to encounter the implacable unwieldiness of the city with our babies and bags and buggies and bottles in tow.
It also contends that while such a diverse movement as the ANC was well suited to the prosecution of a liberation struggle, its very unwieldiness renders it incapable of acting as a unified and efficient post-liberation party of government.
Moreover, the unwieldiness of the new clan councils (which represented individuals from different villages) made the system practically unworkable.