unwilling to pay

See: penurious
References in classic literature ?
And at the same time their fondness for money makes them unwilling to pay taxes.
And six dollars and sixty-five cents was hardly too much for a man to keep a family on, considering the fact that the price of dressed meat had increased nearly fifty per cent in the last five years, while the price of "beef on the hoof" had decreased as much, it would have seemed that the packers ought to be able to pay it; but the packers were unwilling to pay it--they rejected the union demand, and to show what their purpose was, a week or two after the agreement expired they put down the wages of about a thousand men to sixteen and a half cents, and it was said that old man Jones had vowed he would put them to fifteen before he got through.
United are unwilling to pay more than PS12m for the defender who turns 29 in December and would have no great resale value.
Everton value Baines at pounds 20m, but United are unwilling to pay that much for the 27-year-old.
The union says OCS management have proven unwilling to pay their workforce a fair wage and negotiations have broken down.
There is little evidence to suggest a pent-up demand for this enhanced service, with customers currently unwilling to pay the premium for such services," the committee added.
And often the longer they are overdue, the harder it is for people to return them as they are either embarrassed about it, or are unable or unwilling to pay their fine.
Peter King of 2 Sisters Food, which helped launch the range, said customers were unwilling to pay the pounds 3.
Even though HSBC is believed to be interested in a potential takeover, but is unwilling to pay anything for HBOS shares, Lloyds TSB is unlikely to pay more than GBP2 a share.
Most of the audience at the concerts have been expatriates because many Chinese remain unfamiliar with such stars or unwilling to pay high ticket prices.
My daughter is unwilling to pay this extra charge for work which is the responsibility of the council, especially giving consideration to the levels of council tax now prevailing.
The club, which yesterday lost 2-0 to Aston Villa, is reportedly unwilling to pay for policies which would cover his loss to the team if he crashed.