unwillingness to believe

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The retired captain is well known in the community, and reaction to his arrest reflects our unwillingness to believe that an authority figure could abuse children.
The unwillingness to believe the facts of chronic victimisation means that crime control, police training and criminal justice action are substantially misdirected.
Why this unwillingness to believe that Canadian public opinion might be an important consideration, not least to the Canadian government?
It is not God who delays our New Life, mainly it is our unwillingness to believe it is freely available for us.
There is also an unwillingness to believe the issue is as bad as it is.
Lagalla's unwillingness to believe Galileo's claims about the lunar observations -- like the famous refu sals of Guilio Libri and others even to look through the telescope--are many and complex.
Writes Arnold: "That we fail to associate writers like Lewis with these better known authors is at least in part due to our unwillingness to believe that such seriously conceived literature could arise from the forests and swamps on the outskirts of civilization.
It's already clear that the big problem with the next major item on the domestic agenda after health care, welfare reform, is people's unwillingness to believe that government social services can help get people off the dole--hence there is a lot of support for new welfare time limits but not much for new work programs that would get the people kicked off the rolls ready for steady employment.
Charlton have let themselves down in the past by their apparent unwillingness to believe they can really live with the big boys.