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Also showing coilers, winders, unwinders, cutters, and hauloffs for HDPE pipe.
Rotortop containers feature a stepped unwinder that safely removes needles from syringes.
If a sharps container has an unwinder for the needle, it must be located so that the needle can be removed using a single-handed technique.
The UCAT-S label unwinder is said to be the lowest price for any professional label unwinder.
The paper/veneer/vinyl laminating material roll is mounted on an unwinder shaft above the glue applicator.
Large Roll Unwinder, ideal for tensionless unwinding regulated by speed compensator and mounted on wheels for a practical use.
The Fusion module is installed between the unwinder (used to unreel) and the Xeikon press, and facilitates the application of very high opaque covering white by means of digital printing technology.
The front and back face of the pouch has self-adhesive labelling units located after the unwinder to apply a self-adhesive label to the front and the back faces of the pouch.
Ideally the label web path from the reel unwinder to the applicator plate should be straight and unhindered by rollers or drive points.
When an unwinder is plugged into place, the advance section is unwound into the main jacket in the inserter.