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Global Banking News-February 7, 2014--ING and Dutch State complete unwinding of IABF
com)-- Swap Negotiators, an advocate for commercial borrowers, recently represented a large urology group in San Antonio, Texas unwinding an interest rate swap transaction and saving the group more than $70,000 in undisclosed bank fees.
Oscillations in the yarn tension during the yarn unwinding from stationary packages have a direct influence on the quality of the fabric.
We demonstrate a mathematical model for simulating the unwinding from cylindrical and conic packages.
Once the unwinding document is signed then it becomes irrevocable.
Unwinding The Soul: Poems is an intimate and eclectic collection of Susan Feinbloom's most intriguing and explorative poetry and is the perfect introduction to her poetic skills and verse.
One reason for this is that higher rates will cause the unwinding of the so-called carry trade used by hedge funds to purchase Japanese equities by borrowing at close to zero percent interest rates.
Quickly unwinding a complicated portfolio that contains exposure to all manner of risks, such as that of LTCM, in such market conditions amounts to conducting a fire sale.
Here's a gene that affects the unwinding of DNA," says coauthor George M.
This volume presents papers from an IMF-sponsored conference of senior policymakers, academics, and senior representatives of the private sector on unwinding public interventions initiated during the crisis.
Global Banking News-December 17, 2013--ING and Dutch State complete agreement for unwinding of IABF
When the yarn is being unwound from a cylindrical package, the angular velocity of the yarn forming the balloon depends on three parameters: the package radius, the unwinding velocity, and the winding angle.