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Like other areas of the narrow web printing industry, rewinding and unwinding equipment has evolved by leaps and bounds.
AS) has said that, together with the Dutch State, it has completed the unwinding of the Illiquid Assets Back-Up Facility (IABF).
It combines solutions such as reel handling, loading and conveying before unwinding, then converting and rewinding/spooling and, finally, packing and palletizing.
Swap Negotiators acts as an intermediary between borrowers and their banks on all types of swap transactions including executing, modifying, unwinding, and assigning.
Oscillations in the yarn tension during the yarn unwinding from stationary packages have a direct influence on the quality of the fabric.
We demonstrate a mathematical model for simulating the unwinding from cylindrical and conic packages.
Once the unwinding document is signed then it becomes irrevocable.
Conner is an unwanted troublemaker, Risa has no parents, and Lev's unwinding has been planned since his birth.
dollar fell to the 114 yen level early Thursday in Tokyo after its downswing the previous day due to unwinding of yen-funded carry trades.
Unwinding The Soul: Poems is an intimate and eclectic collection of Susan Feinbloom's most intriguing and explorative poetry and is the perfect introduction to her poetic skills and verse.
One reason for this is that higher rates will cause the unwinding of the so-called carry trade used by hedge funds to purchase Japanese equities by borrowing at close to zero percent interest rates.
I like Doctor Rubber Funk -it's my type of unwinding music.