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244) Such limitations hardly serve even to narrow the problem, for a donor in extremis remains free to make ordinary, irrevocable gifts of land or of other property via delivery of an unwitnessed writing.
Each of these murders was unwitnessed, and the only positive knowledge on which a solution could be based was possessed by the killer.
A double Ashes victor 2009, the man became known as Grievous Bodily Harmison such was his menace, England's white West Indian, one-time No 1 ranked bowler in the world, and a man who for a period of about eight months in 2003-04 reached peaks of superlative accurate hostility unwitnessed in an England bowler for many a year.
Although overt and openly aggressive forms of bullying exist, the majority of bullying behaviors involve more subtle and manipulative power plays that go unwitnessed and are difficult to document.
self BM 80346 Sippar- As 4 PN brother Amnuntim BM 81285 Sippar Ad 2 PN brother BM 81320 Sippar Ad unwitnessed self BM 81424 Sippar Ad 2 PN father BM 97463 Sippar Ad 2 PN mother BM 97466 Sippar As 2 PN self BM 97543 Sippar As 2PN self CT33 32 Sippar Ad 3PN master CT 48 116 Sippar AS 2 PN muster CT48 95 Sippar Ad 1PN nadliu Friedrich BA 5/4 Sippar ?
Students Adults Age 12 - 18 years 40 - 60 years Total Death detail 7 15 22 Trauma 1 1 2 Sudden collapse 4 8 12 Congenital heart disease 2 1 3 Seizure history 1 0 1 Electrocution 0 2 2 Unwitnessed 0 4 4 Activity Rest 2 Active/gym class 4
The problem of how empty singular terms can feature in truths is matched by the problem of how there can be unwitnessed existential quantificational truths.
From these bare bones the unwitnessed events in the middle were fleshed out: the police came by stealth in the night, set the fire without bothering to check and see if anyone was sleeping; all under the pretence of creating an excuse to clean out the site with bulldozers.
IF initial rhythm is asystole, 8 patient has an unwitnessed cardiac arrest, and apparent surrogate decision maker states patient is 70-79 years old and is not a hypothermia or drowning victim, THEN forgo resuscitation B.
His mother told the hospital that her child had hurt himself in an unwitnessed fall and the injury was officially considered to have been caused accidentally.
Newell Hill Road, gunshot heard, unwitnessed death report taken; police said it was not a homicide.