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The joke is a secret handshake, #23 in your comedy himnals, and the film is an unwitty, unwitting passport through comic portals into a puerile world.
Though an era frequently labeled as cynical may be less amenable to the grotesque, one hopes it still lies buried beneath the sheer proliferation of relatively unwitty stuff generated by the contemporary artists and is waiting to return with a vengeance.
The vegetation at the bottom left of the panel is a marvel of meticulous execution; the triangular snippet of orange drapery revealed amongst Mary's blue and red garments reveals an astute and not unwitty pictorial technician; the hands of the Virgin, scaled larger than the rest of the figure and floating all- but-imperceptibly above the surface of the canvas, have the durability of carved marble and the tenderness of living flesh.
I didn't get it because there was some unwitty article about how to drink lager and have it off at the same time without spilling your beer.