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With his head upon the landing and his great limbs flung over half- a-dozen stairs, as carelessly as though he were a dead man whom drunken bearers had thrown down by chance, there lay Hugh, face uppermost, his long hair drooping like some wild weed upon his wooden pillow, and his huge chest heaving with the sounds which so unwontedly disturbed the place and hour.
The day was sunny, and the Marshalsea, with the hot noon striking upon it, was unwontedly quiet.
First: when someone unwontedly is victim because of being in a special place or special job position Second: the tendency of criminal in choosing the victim in this assumption the criminal commits a crime based on his personal beliefs or biases for example someone who was mist rated by his /her teacher, while being adult maybe show negative reaction toward this group and guild
Wearing a plumed hat, striped peasant stockings and slippers, she dozes in her unwontedly easy chair, yet remains solicitous for the comfort of the tomcat which sleeps in her lap with his eyes tightly closed.
An unwontedly emotional passage near the end of Doctor No shows Bond .
The behaviour of the curves explains that the secondary cracking of asphaltenes increases mainly the yield of benzene solubles but unwontedly also the coke and gas yields.