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The students complained that online system of the board has become unworkable and particularly website has become a source of perpetual nuisance as it stops functioning after every two hours.
all diplomatic efforts could not overcome uncompetitive and unworkable
ACI emphasized that the intent of the 1976 law is addressed by voluntary programs, and that the DEC proposal is unworkable and does not provide useful information.
Mr Bonner said the code was unworkable in a number of areas and it was "a pity that Defra couldn't just listen to the people who know about game farming".
They can't police these laws or the fines - it's simply unworkable.
George Gillett has revealed his relationship with fellow Liverpool co-owner Tom Hicks "has been unworkable for some time".
In reality, he argued, such a scheme is largely unworkable, and so the best that can be hoped for is limited government.
These are the complicated realities that make a simple one-size-fits-all, or one-test-fits-all, notion of accountability unworkable.
As of last weekend, however, the four of us have dissolved our partnership and will be continuing as Duran Duran without Andy, as we have reached a point in our relationship with him where there is an unworkable gulf between us and we can no longer effectively function together.
You don't persist in a direction that is demonstrably unworkable when you have a better course available to you,'' he said.
Travelers also say that the scheme is unworkable and has been introduced in an underhand and short notice manner.
Offering an analysis of various job positions and career-oriented implications, Men At Work will help women assessing prospective men, picking apart and excluding the unworthy and unworkable, thereby avoiding the heart-breaking process of blind chance in figuring out certain the pros and cons of certain male "breeds" through a random process of hit and miss.