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This Note explains why the current WTO CVD law regarding the use of the surrogate approach in CVD proceedings launched against China for illegally subsidizing NME enterprises is unworkably vague.
From a legal perspective, the Free Speech Coalition argues that the restrictions amount to a prior restraint on constitutionally protected speech, that many of the rules are unworkably vague, and that the inspection provisions--which for small producers may entail visits to private homes--offend the Fourth Amendment.
Unlike the hidden dead of the Iraq war, where not even troop coffins may be photographed, Katrina's dead were unworkably visible.
Finally, it argued that dual-member constituencies would have pragmatic benefits in countering the adoption of an unworkably small legislature.
This would take us back to the absurdity of Borges' map with its unworkably close correspondence between representation and reality.
A criminal justice system that attempted to eliminate discretion would be unworkably complex and rigid.
The Police Federation in particular believes such a proposal would not only be timeconsuming (seven minutes for every certificate) but unworkably bureaucratic.
With all due respect to the exhilarating paradigm shifts in Shakespeare and Renaissance studies in the UK and USA over the last twenty years, the most characteristic weakness of these methods has been reductionism: in defining the influence of ideology and discourse on the subject, they have too often eliminated the subject as such, producing uneven, at times unworkably deterministic theoretical models.
UNICE contends that it will be unworkably difficult to apply civil liability to environmental policy.
But his unqualified and implicitly absolutist characterization of the difference, to the extent of claiming that, for the Chinese, the meaning of a sentence was not a grammatical or lexical matter, seems to me extreme, and his description of Chinese sentences as "only messengers for meaning" that are not to be understood as "articulat[ing] meaning literally" strikes me as unworkably vague.
Sir, - I am writing to express my deep concern over the disposal by BMW of elements of the Rover Group which was blamed, in part, by its chairman on an unworkably high level of sterling and the lack of government commitment to Europe.