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This Note explains why the current WTO CVD law regarding the use of the surrogate approach in CVD proceedings launched against China for illegally subsidizing NME enterprises is unworkably vague.
However, Indian suggestions as to the allocation of other territories among Pakistan and India were unworkably biased.
amendment process as an unworkably time-consuming form of constitutional
process of obtaining waivers would be unworkably cumbersome for a data
As a result, many experts argue that these unworkably high standards will threaten R&D, not to mention investments.
The "quagmire" of unworkably detailed regulatory solutions that seemed inevitably to emerge from efforts to solve the underlying problem of incentive incompatibility (not his phrase) led him to conclude that isolation of the monopoly portion of the business from its competitive components (the relief requested from the court by the Antitrust Division) was the only way AT&T would be able to escape endless private and public disputes with competitors and regulators, and become free to focus on its business of providing communication services.
Despite the injuries and plans to move in the January transfer window, Wilson believes that his squad is unworkably big for the division it finds itself in.
From a legal perspective, the Free Speech Coalition argues that the restrictions amount to a prior restraint on constitutionally protected speech, that many of the rules are unworkably vague, and that the inspection provisions--which for small producers may entail visits to private homes--offend the Fourth Amendment.
Unlike the hidden dead of the Iraq war, where not even troop coffins may be photographed, Katrina's dead were unworkably visible.