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Because their mother shares Marianne's romantic unworldliness, Elinor is forced to take on the role of parent to her younger sister, attempting to protect Marianne from the consequences of her openness and disregard of propriety.
De'ath finds artistic inspiration and renewal in his absorption in American culture and its beautiful boy; he begins to write a new novel, transforms his "fogeyish unworldliness," accepts the complexity of his sexuality, and gains a new "blithe and reckless irresponsibility" (Adair, 79).
Even Susan Boyle has, underneath the sweet smiles and the unworldliness, a steely determination that keeps her going through all the tough times.
The unworldliness of such claims is apparent when visiting the War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
It takes a considerable degree of unworldliness, together with intellectual and moral stiffness, to put the interests of the planet ahead of those of the family, friends, and neighbors among whom we live in the face-to-face world.
While the late Edward Said often criticized the poststructuralists for a variety of failings--restricted disciplinary focus, unworldliness, indifference to and disdain for the human, nostalgia for a religious certainty, and denial of human agency--Spanos (English and comparative literature, Binghamton U.
The novel's main characters are Christian Hoffmann, an erudite teenager who intends to become a doctor like his father, Richard (also an important figure in the novel) and Christian's uncle Meno, an editor of elegant volumes that seem surprisingly un-East German in quality, but despite his apparent unworldliness he knows how to thrive within the socialist system.
Consequently, it would make no sense to indict the Jesuit scholastics of linguistic barbarism or unworldliness, connotations all too frequently evoked by the term scholastic.
is unconcerned to the point of total unworldliness with what the loved person may be, with his qualities and shortcomings .
This does not render him above criticism, and he showed a degree of unworldliness in his handling of Teofilo's problems earlier in the season.
The Rev Fanthorpe has come up with a further 12 categories of unworldliness in which to fit yourself: telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, time travel, mediums, psychic healers, astrologers, palm readers, Tarot card readers, crystal experts, wizards and enchanters, and water diviners.
It is a little disturbing that the class which ought, by virtue of privilege and opportunity, to be the most worldly has made a cult of unworldliness.