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There is no stronger case than that of the wild, unworldly and perishing stock which we commonly call the Celts, of whom your friends the MacNabs are specimens.
I don't want them to think that we dress like savages," she replied, with a scorn that Pocahontas might have resented; and he was struck again by the religious reverence of even the most unworldly American women for the social advantages of dress.
Such an unworldly, uncalculating, gossamer creature is a relief to him and an amusement.
So unworldly was he--or so capricious-- that he frequently refused his help to the powerful and wealthy where the problem made no appeal to his sympathies, while he would devote weeks of most intense application to the affairs of some humble client whose case presented those strange and dramatic qualities which appealed to his imagination and challenged his ingenuity.
I suppose you don't conduct business on what you call unworldly principles.
Robert himself is certainly worth knowing--a really attractive union of manliness and saintliness, of shrewd sense and unworldly aims, and withal with that kindness and pity the absence of which so often abates the actual value of those other gifts.
October though it was, the garden was still very sweet with dear, old-fashioned, unworldly flowers and shrubs -- sweet may, southern-wood, lemon verbena, alyssum, petunias, marigolds and chrysanthemums.
She's a dear, unworldly little thing," said the philosopher absently; "more like the stage people of my young days-- folk ofsimple manners.
Still another utterly unworldly and frankly abnormal poet, though of a still different temperament, was William Blake (1757-1827), who in many respects is one of the most extreme of all romanticists.
of Alabama) developed their thanatology encyclopedia around the following categories: conceptualization of death, dying, and the human experience; arts, media, and popular culture; causes of death; coping with loss and grief; cross-cultural perspectives; developmental and demographic perspectives; disposition of the deceased; funerals and death-related activities; legal matters; mass death; process of dying; religion; rituals, ceremonies, and celebrations; suicide, euthanasia, and homicide; theories and concepts; and unworldly entities and events.
Then my friend Senga and I, two unworldly 15-year-olds from deepest Lanarkshire, decided to get some culture at this Festival thingy we'd heard about on the telly.
At a time when the resources of the church should be mobilised to help the victims of the recession, his views are insensitive and unworldly.