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Your late wife, sir, was a most unworldly, most unhappy, most unfortunate baby,' returned my aunt, shaking her head at him.
But he had thought and felt so much, he had given so many of the best hours of his life to unworldly hopes for some great good to mankind, that it seemed as though he had been talking with the angels, and had imbibed a portion of their wisdom unawares.
The mother's character, on the other hand, had a strain of poetry in it, a trait of unworldly beauty,--a delicate and dewy flower, as it were, that had survived out of her imaginative youth, and still kept itself alive amid the dusty realities of matrimony and motherhood.
They were the same whom Apollyon and ourselves had persecuted with taunts, and gibes, and scalding steam, at the commencement of our journey--the same whose unworldly aspect and impressive words had stirred my conscience amid the wild revellers of Vanity Fair.
He owns it in all noble thoughts--in all unworldly motives--in all holy impulses--in all chivalrous, generous, and self-sacrificing deeds.
There is no stronger case than that of the wild, unworldly and perishing stock which we commonly call the Celts, of whom your friends the MacNabs are specimens.
Such an unworldly, uncalculating, gossamer creature is a relief to him and an amusement.
Still another utterly unworldly and frankly abnormal poet, though of a still different temperament, was William Blake (1757-1827), who in many respects is one of the most extreme of all romanticists.
Her family said Danielle was a shy, unworldly and naive girl.
He was 23 but still immature and unworldly when he was arrested after the murder in Ro chdale of 11-year-old Lesley Molseed.
Her presence somehow gives the spooky feeling that you are watching neither fact nor fiction, but an unworldly blend of the two.
Loosely based on Moby Dick, it follows the unworldly Isabel (Kate Malpass), from Wallasey, onto a whaling ship, whose skipper (Kate Benfield) is obsessed with tracking the hound down.