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An ``ethics commission'' that doesn't consider this kind of scandal worth getting out in front on is one unworthy of the name.
The sex and greed in the lives of these unworthy vessels could have devastated churchfuls of believers.
Indeed, what would eventually be called ``The Greatest Generation'' was seen by some of its own elders as too selfish, greedy, ungodly, sexually permissive and unworthy to meet such a challenge.
The air in San Fernando parks might be unworthy of breathing - it is throughout most of L.
Overproduced and under-rehearsed, the material seemed unworthy of these talented singers.
But it isn't Carroll's fault that he takes the office of USC football's head coach under pressure to disprove the widely held perception he's the unworthy winner of a selection process gone wrong.
grandadof-organise own time into said: "I feel unworthy of such an award.
Contract notice: Assistance to the contracting authority relating to the statutory works to be carried out to combat unworthy housing in the department of yvelines.
Lord, remind us that we are all your unworthy, undeserving, unentitled servants, so we should not be proud.
Calamity strikes where those unworthy of worship are worshipped.
So we've watched in horror as she's bounced around from unsuitable, unworthy man to unsuitable, unworthy man (yes, John Mayer, I mean you).
Yemen, this devastated place, torn by violence, has victims unfairly perceived and treated as unworthy by all warring parties.