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When it gets warmer, the DNA unwraps," Wigge said, which allows some genes to switch on and others to switch off.
CADBURY has produced a white chocolate version of its Easter Creme Egg for the first time - but consumers will not know if they have bought one until they unwrap it.
I unwrap one sister from her awakening sister,/carefully, for the flesh is tender and this is an animal will.
Tap it then unwrap it, that's what the advert claimed, So we tapped it and unwrapped it, But the thing was still the same.
Unwrap and drain the terrines, then rewrap them tightly in two layers of foil.
MISS Newcastle, Anna Simpson, was on hand to help unwrap a giant gesture for the world.
Scientists no longer need to unwrap Ancient Egyptian mummies in their search for knowledge.
Scientists plan to unwrap the bodies this month and examine preserved organs, tissue, and fluids.
Unwrap the fresh or defrosted bird and remove the giblets and neck from the body and/or neck cavities (use all but the liver to make gravy, if desired).
Tap And Unwrap, being performed as part of the city's Acting Out Project, is a hard-hitting tale about a young girl who finds herself in a psychiatric ward after attempting suicide.