up to

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Returning to his hotel, he changed cabs as before, went up to his room, and with one more cocktail for a nightcap, went to bed and to sleep.
On any other, if you like, for I don't set up to be a penetrating character, and am well aware of my own deficiencies.
Compeyson's wife and me took him up to bed agen, and he raved most dreadful.
The crimson brick lodge came first in sight, up to its eaves in dense evergreens.
I went up to our room, and judged I would take a nap myself.
He said: "I-- I'll come up to tennis if I can manage it," and went into the house.
It takes some pluck in a man to stand up to a girl's family, and that's what Jane Tuxton is looking for in Jerry.
And now, gentlemen, seein' as we've met so happily, I think I'll stand up to a small matter of a treat in this here parlor.
The very cattle that would trample a white man to death allow themselves to be banged and bullied and shouted at by children that hardly come up to their noses.
But now that it was paid, he wished to draw away and make his berth alone, till it was time to go up to the Virgin and fish in the streets of that roaring town upon the waters.