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Given that distinction, Haughey pondered aloud how the church could "make a law that would exclude a priori the freedom of the Spirit to seize some portion of the community, women for example, to minister to the community for its upbuilding.
The pageants Lapson produced typically followed a deliberate narrative in which imagined biblical and Second Temple-era scenes gave way to a celebration of the modern upbuilding of Jewish Palestine, with an emphasis on the agricultural settlements.
By examining the relation between sin and forgiveness in The Sickness unto Death: A Christian Psychological Exposition for Upbuilding and Awakening (Kierkegaard, 1849/1983), I hope to illuminate how, through the curative integration of a theology of grace with a psychology of despair, Kierkegaard elucidates a model of selfhood which finds its restorative integration in heterogeneous relation to an Absolute Other in whom the self discovers its unconditional (self-) acceptance.
It is the finest God-given instrument for the evangelisation and upbuilding of a new Africa.
In this first collection of essays in English on Upbuilding Courses in Various Spirits contributors approach Kierkegaard's authorship as a whole, including the futility of life in the either/or mode.
It is through that upbuilding of the neighbor that we see the reign of God coming near, just as John proclaimed.
Markets and money should enable the exchange of goods in order to satisfy human needs and contribute to the upbuilding of human community.
It has contributed importantly to the upbuilding and defense of the Jewish state and thereby has helped to create a more secure Jewish future.
We need to begin to combine the Global Ethic with the upbuilding of civic morality in our present society, since, without becoming human and acting with elementary morality, there will never be any moral citizenry.
Atop the Table of Contents of each issue of The Tax Executive, there is a quotation attributed to Theodore Roosevelt that "Each man owes some of his time to the upbuilding of his profession.
Kaplan offered Reconstructionism as a methodology that Jews of all types--those from across religious denominations and those with secular or exclusively cultural inclinations--might use to develop their own programmatic approach to the upbuilding of American Judaism.
One can feel and show gratitude as part of a mutually upbuilding relationship.