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Updated versions of "Hong Kong eRouting" for iPhone, Android phone and Android tablet are now available for free download.
The updated version also prevents the saving of some documents if they contain comments.
The new Laplink Gold for Windows 7 is compatible with any 64-bit Windows operating system and features an updated version of the Remote Control option for improved connections with versions of Windows that do not support remote connectivity.
We felt the time was right to issue an updated version of this excellent book," says Benoit Beauchamp, the institute's executive director.
Wayne, IN, a sales development, research and marketing firm working exclusively with manufacturers in the construction, mining & aggregate, environmental & recycling and agriculture industries--has launched an updated version of its Web site.
0, dated May 25, 2005, is superseded by the updated Version 1.
As a bonus, the guy who did the mag teamed up with Conspiracy to do an updated version of the Colorado skatespot map, which is a pretty damn useful accessory if you're planning a trip.
The updated version will address the design's close proximity to the street and low level glass facade, characteristics that the NYPD's report said will make the building unnecessarily vulnerable to a potential car or truck bomb.
What are you trying to accomplish with this updated version of the story?
95) is out, and it's even more extensive than the prior edition, packing in 65 license-free Web site templates on cd to accompany a completely updated version of the book offering both the original 50 templates and 15 new ones for this edition.
An updated version of the company's PL-GPC 50 integrated GPC system for polymer characterization and analysis has been introduced.
This updated version of John Long's classic guide for rock climbers is required reading for new rock rats.