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As a pioneer in upgradable technology in personal computers, Wyse is excited to be introducing a PC that offers such outstanding investment protection," said Jeff McNaught, director of product marketing for Wyse's Systems Division.
In addition to being fully upgradable through the purchase of Digirad's DualPak(TM) Upgrade Kit, the Cardius-1 system has numerous advantages, such as its light weight and small footprint, which allow it to fit conveniently into a 7'x8' space without the need for room renovations.
Because reliability is critical when designing field upgradable applications, the rollback feature allows the system to return to the previous version of the instruction set, in case of network or power dropout during the upgrade process.
They've chosen the best in FPGAs as a critical part of this strategy and, more critically, they have adopted a field upgradable philosophy as part of their design process.
In the residential access marketplace, successful service providers will need a network technology that is capable of delivering an entire suite of communications services, can be deployed and maintained at minimum cost, and is upgradable to support future digital service demands.