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The focus of the 4th generation is to enable more upgradeability than ever before.
Digital offers users faster scrolling, filing, and cursor movement through a choice of three VL-bus GUI- accelerated video cards using S3 and Weitek microprocessors, with performance ranging from 17 to 62M Winmarks, and simple upgradeability via ZIF (zero insertion force) processor socket.
NET with unmatched flexibility enabling companies to deploy quickly and adapt easily while maintaining upgradeability.
Some of the new features of the 8600X Home Communications Terminal of particular interest to Cablevision Systems include an electronic program guide, expanded pay-per-view for near movie on demand; easy VCR programming with the optional VCR CommanderTM controller; on-screen menus and graphics with several type sizes and fonts; downloadable software to upgrade the units as new services are available; upgradeability through GeniusTM cards to add memory to support interactive games and other services; and "virtual channels" which require no bandwidth for services such as stock quotes and sports scores.
Its access processors and networking software provide the essential intelligence and upgradeability for infrastructure equipment to support the emerging networks based on the convergence of voice, video, data and wireless services.
April 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Just six months after the initial Personal Systems/ValuePoint (See Note A) launch, the IBM PC Company -- North America today expanded the line with new models that deliver faster graphics, true color capability, greater disk capacity and processor upgradeability.