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The Cerro Negro upgrader became PetroMonagas with CVP having 83.
In an unrelated news conference held the same day that Redford met with First Nations Chiefs, Redford and Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall said that a new upgrader was being considered.
During this period, the other upgrader is expected to continue to operate at production volumes of approximately 200,000 barrels per day (bpd).
API naphtha blend diluent and lighter Venezuelan crudes, is pumped through a 36-inch, 200 km pipeline to the Petrozuata's Jos upgrader, where the diluent is separated and returned to the field through a second, 20-inch pipeline for reuse.
Canadian Natural Resources said it may be able to resume limited production at its Horizon oil sands plant in northern Alberta after determining that key parts of the upgrader may still be able to function despite a fire.
These liquids are extracted from off-gas produced by oil-sands upgraders and are valuable to the petrochemical industry.
OTCBB:WSCE) is pleased to announce that it has completed the engineering phase of its patented Ellycrack heavy oil upgrader pilot plant and will now move immediately to fabrication of the plant in Canada.
The Air Products facility will be capable of generating more than 150 million standard cubic feet per day (MMSCFD) of hydrogen and will be linked with Air Products Canada's current Heartland Hydrogen Pipeline system which supplies refiners, upgraders, chemical processors and other industries in the Alberta Industrial Heartland region.
The company, which often misses its own schedules for repairs and maintenance,had to stop three of its four Orinoco upgraders last year due to apparently minor faults that threatened production in the projects, which were nationalised in 2007.
Field installations for smaller producers who will be able to improve the quality of their oil without the use of diluents with minimum infrastructure cost and increased net returns; - Regional or integrated upgraders where the PetroSonic upgrader is part of an upgrading and energy system providing process steam and reducing natural gas usage; and - Larger scale upgraders designed to meet producer and midstream system requirements.
Designed to significantly reduce capital and operating costs compared to conventional upgraders, the Heartland Upgrader will produce a range of light to medium, semi-sour crude oil blends suitable for the majority of existing refineries in North America.