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by the red Portillo granite (with the underlying sandstone baked by it), we may feel sure, that the greater part of the injection and upheaval of the already partially formed Portillo line, took place after the accumulation of the conglomerate, and long after the elevation of the Peuquenes ridge.
It was ribbed with sharp, steep ridges and cloven with narrow canyons, and here and there on the heights, rocky upheavals shaped themselves into mimic battlements and castles; and out of rifted clouds came broad shafts of sunlight, that painted summit, and slope and glen, with bands of fire, and left belts of somber shade between.
Others led a quiet, uneventful life, while they were subject to continual upheavals.
He said, 'when all these things are in place, the upheaval will come.
BERLIN, Jan 20 (KUNA) -- Germany's Foreign Minister has called for a four-side meeting, alongside Ukraine, Russia and France, to discuss upheaval in violence between pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian forces over the past two days in eastern Ukraine.
TOTTENHAM chairman Daniel Levy has promised to "strengthen key positions", but has ruled out another summer of upheaval.
A short, easy-to-read treatise that delivers practical advice and tactics to successfully leverage this new frontier of selling, Social Upheaval is provocative, entertaining and above all immediately useful.
COUNCILS across Wales face massive upheaval in coming years as fresh spending cuts bite and reorganisation looms.
Juerg Zeltner, head of the wealth-management unit of UBS AG (NYSE: UBS), has opined that the private banking industry is experiencing upheaval.
Current social upheaval in Egypt may send the country's currency on a downward trend resulting in a sharp depreciation in the coming few months.
Upheaval in Charleston Susan Miller Williams and Stephen G.
Dubai Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamim, chief of Dubai Police, has said that Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) governments have always provided for their citizens' needs, but cautioned that GCC countries should not overlook the upheaval in the Arab world.