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COUNCILS across Wales face massive upheaval in coming years as fresh spending cuts bite and reorganisation looms.
2 July 2013 - Judged on crucial factors like trust in elected officials and a sense of financial comfort Mexico and India could be poised for the kind of civil upheaval that has visited Egypt, Brazil, and Spain in recent months and years according to a new report from German research firm GfK.
BEIRUT: Speaker Nabih Berri said Friday the wave of popular upheavals in the Arab world was affecting Lebanon, but defended as "wise" the government's policy to dissociate itself from the 10-month unrest in Syria.
Current social upheaval in Egypt may send the country's currency on a downward trend resulting in a sharp depreciation in the coming few months.
CAIRO: Egyptian ceramics company Lecico's net profit tumbled 54 percent in a turbulent first quarter marked by political upheaval and an economic slump.
The level of human need and misery is already quite high due to poverty, poor education and greed, but it seems that we are in a time of geologic upheaval that is raising such "acceptable" misery exponentially.
There is no point pretending that Saudi Arabia is unaffected by the upheavals elsewhere in the Arab world.
The politician explained that there was a succession of violent upheavals in the region, among which Saddam Hussein's execution and the manner it was done.
Not very long ago, some intellectuals argued that this history of violent upheaval had come to an end, that triumphant free enterprise and liberal democracy would ensure that all our future revolutions would be peaceful ones.
She writes, "What is rare and valuable in Black women is developed by time, heat, and pressure and even volcanic upheavals in their personal lives.
I felt that it was important to offer the membership the chance for some continuity after our upheavals of late and considering we are still in negotiations,'' Petrie said.
After the furious pace of mergers, acquisitions, and other corporate upheavals of the past decade, you'd think one more change would hardly raise an eyebrow.