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We didn't expect a huge social upheaval in a week, or even a decade of years.
Perhaps it was the association in her mind of unexpected walks with the newly-born activities of the repentant Nutty that gave her the feeling that there must be some mental upheaval on a large scale at the back of this sudden ebullition of long-distance pedestrianism.
He imagined himself to be a diplomatist set apart by a special dispensation to watch the end of diplomacy, and pretty nearly the end of the world, in a horrid democratic upheaval.
CHEKHOV'S famous cherry orchard is uprooted from Russia and transplanted in South African soil for this modern-day look at a family facing the upheavals of a changing world.
2), former Group Material member Ault teases out the connections between Sister Corita Kent (1918--86)--nun, teacher, and art department chair, whose best work (posters, wrapping paper, and greeting cards) and sloganeering ("War Is Not Healthy for Children and Other Living Things") came in response to the upheavals of the '60s--and Donald Moffet, well known for his work with the AIDS-activist collective Gran Fury.
Most financiers say that a floating exchange rate regime, instead of fixing the rate or trying to manage it, is the best way to weather global economic upheavals.
Both of these writers explicitly and determinately center their writings on major historical-political upheavals that had wide-ranging social, cultural and religious consequences.
These and other, related novels were made possible by the change in censorship laws that followed the upheavals of 1905, and for a dozen years Russia's reading market zoomed in on popular concerns.
He has found expressive movement sequences, based on ballet and modern dance, to characterize the emotional upheavals of the protagonists and the malicious vigilance of the villagers.
Unfortunately, his career in that city came to an end when he was involved (with his friend, the composer Richard Wagner) in the political upheavals of 1848-49, and had to flee Saxony.
The challenges facing the health care systems in CEE and NIS are daunting and largely mirror the other more publicized economic and political upheavals that have occurred.
Increasingly, as more cross-border investments are made and the international mobility of families and executives increases, greater attention is being paid by their advisors to the ways in which taxes can be minimized, assets protected from political upheavals and family wealth transmitted between generations.