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But every curve can be achieved by aiming along a straight line at a particular area just uphill of the hole.
The Nitrofreeze[R] Uphill Quenching Process eliminates the resident residual stresses in the raw cast or forged aluminum block as well those that are created during CNC machining operations," he added.
Funded by Geographical, the magazine of the Royal Geographical Society in London, to travel the length of the Casiquiare that apparently defies the laws of nature and flows uphill, Starks and Murcutt noted other paradoxes.
However, the principle is a little harder to grasp on the uphill shots.
Many residents and bicycle advocates would like to see the same lane width, with the addition of a 5-foot bike lane on the uphill side.
Another left turn takes us past the village hall and down a grassy slope before heading uphill between broom and bracken.
Another good spot is Valencia Boulevard between McBean and Tourney Road, an uphill portion on the final circuit.
On the highway the Rover's 390 horses quickly move this 5,670-pound beauty even when heading uphill through a mountain pass.
Nick swinburn had an uphill task in every way to make the England team for next month's trip to Turkey.
Western hunters often face long shots that are sharply uphill or downhill.
system coaster (blue), uses a thrust mechanism to boost it forward and uphill.
I see them even in the winter woods, miles from the nearest road or garden, sprouting along the uphill margin of a foot track blazed along the contour of mountain valley.