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Above, Chris Wilkinson with a cod of 15lb taken aboard Upholder
As readers we are forcefully moved to wish that things would be very different -- and this reviewer is left to ponder how such a critique of the world's largest democracy may produce such a fundamental clash between the radical author and her educated audience, the newspapers columnists, the upholders of status quo.
Beth Levy is a young girl who lives with her mother, Goldie, upholder of middle-class values and traditions; aunt Carrie, a skilled seamstress with a secret past; and glamorous aunt Sarah who takes Beth on summer outings to the open-air pool.
Maybe it's right that the circumstances in which this hitherto apparently blameless upholder of the law was found should be reported to the Crown Office.
His writings are notoriously prolix and opaque, so he has been claimed, inter alia, as materialist, functionalist, idealist, stylistic eclectic, Marxist revolutionary, petit bourgeois, proto-modernist, and upholder of historicism.
She's a "traditionally built" lady in her thirties, an upholder of the traditional Botswana virtues of respect and courtesy.
I decided to write to the Queen because she is the Head of State, the upholder of our constitution," he said last night.
The replacement, the Upholder class, was designed to provide the Royal Navy with an advanced SSK capability and there were also hopes that the Upholder could repeat the export success of its predecessor.
In allying himself with a non-elected, cowardly, self-serving and intellectually inadequate US leader and his corrupt administration in an illegal war, and in turning his back on the UN and Europe, Blair's proved himself the servant of expedience rather than the upholder of principle.
The head of Canada's naval forces, Vice-Admiral Greg Maddison, recently defended the decision to buy the Upholder submarines by pointing to the continuing existence of a worldwide "submarine threat.
But not one in a hundred readers would guess the author of that explicitly erotic Viking Love Song, was also the upholder of Victorian values who maintained a bizarre menage a trois with two forcible blue stockings who lived well into their eighties.
In confessing to the ethical lapses, Gingrich has tarnished his carefully cultivated pose as upholder of Congress' political morals.