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And while for the next 10 years Makarios and his associates were proclaiming to the world that that the treaties of 1960 were no longer valid, because they had abolished them with the tragicomic Akritas plan, today we have his political heirs and upholders of his legacy demanding, 50 years later, a return to the state he had dissolved.
If Israel is to be seen once more as the upholders of moral values, in an area of the world where precious few exist, it must recognise that Palestinians must be able to gain what the Israelis once wanted, free statehood.
What would have happened had Mandela died in prison as was the intention and hope of the upholders of apartheid," he said.
These militants claim to be the upholders of prophetic teachings but their actions are in sharp contrast to those noble teachings.
These days the police have stopped being the upholders of the law and have become suppressors of the people.
ISLAMABAD -- Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry on Saturday stated that constitution is treated as mother of all laws and the courts in Pakistan are upholders of rule of law.
But with Britain cutting its military spending and already operating an expensive fleet of nuclear-powered subs, the Upholders were on the chopping block.
The self-proclaimed upholders of Scottish traditions have decreed that going commando is "childish and unhygienic".
However, this House demands of the upholders of responsible and free press that they should come forward and play their role in discouraging the tendency of character assassination of political as well as non-political personalities through irresponsible reporting by certain media men in their vested interests and fulfillment of their nefarious designs.
Institutions and their upholders, Consider the consequences over your shoulders, Political avalanches with their didactic boulders, Create an army of reaction-led soldiers.
As readers we are forcefully moved to wish that things would be very different -- and this reviewer is left to ponder how such a critique of the world's largest democracy may produce such a fundamental clash between the radical author and her educated audience, the newspapers columnists, the upholders of status quo.
This lifestyle (including a nudist resort) that she captured in her column and photographs often clashed with that upholders of antebellum plantation culture.