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Even the beautiful Pantheon, whose pagan altars uphold the cross, now, and whose Venus, tricked out in consecrated gimcracks, does reluctant duty as a Virgin Mary to-day, is built about with shabby houses and its stateliness sadly marred.
Were it not for this constableship which the Earl of Salisbury hath bestowed upon us we could scarce uphold the state which is fitting to our degree.
It goes to my heart that you should ride forth now a mere knight bachelor, when there is no noble in the land who hath so good a claim to the square pennon, save only that you have not the money to uphold it.
Now to say that the honour I here mean, and which was, I thought, all the honour I could be supposed to mean, will uphold, much less dictate an untruth, is to assert an absurdity too shocking to be conceived.
It has become a--hum--not infrequent custom for my--ha-- personal admirers--personal admirers solely--to be pleased to express their desire to acknowledge my semi-official position here, by offering--ha--little tributes, which usually take the form of-- ha--voluntary recognitions of my humble endeavours to--hum--to uphold a Tone here--a Tone--I beg it to be understood that I do not consider myself compromised.
For she says, for all she's been so set again' having one extry in the house, and making extry spoons and things, and putting her about in her ways, you shall have a shelter in her house, if you'll go to her dutiful, and she'll uphold you against folks as say harm of you when they've no call.
And that's probably the best possible outcome, one that -- at last -- upholds both the law and common sense.
This history suggests that a principled form of libertarian judicial activism--that is, one that consistently upholds individual rights while strictly limiting state power--is essential to the fight for a free society.
Landlords for rent-stabilized buildings would gain more power flexibility if the state's highest court upholds a decision that allows owners to increase rents as long as they made building improvements and can document those expenses.
Readers of Catholic Insight should beware: Anyone who steadfastly upholds the historic and true teaching of the Christian church on the grave depravity of homosexual acts could soon end up in jail as a prisoner of conscience.
Even if the decision upholds Chapter 2 aid, it may tell little about how the court would rule on vouchers.
Within the realm of reason, the Court not only upholds corporal punishment (Ingraham v.