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For additional information about the new high-powered carpet steam cleaners, carpet shampooer systems, carpet cleaner machines or upholstery cleaners, visit http://www.
Paula Hoyas was named director of upholstery merchandising, which includes responsibility for stationary furniture products.
Daimer[R]'s new 2400-watt upholstery cleaning machine can generate air flow of 200 CFM (cubic feet/minute).
With Universal's strength and business model, moving into upholstery makes sense," said Harvey Dondero, Universal's president and chief executive officer.
A focus on the leather upholstery segment is provided, with data on the US consumption and imports compared with those of Western Europe and the rest of the world, as well as sales and market shares of the leading upholstery firms active on the US market.
The high-quality outer material of the Lounge upholstery underlines the pleasant feel, reminiscent of supple leather.
Advanced Upholstery Carpet Cleaners Engineered for Upholstery
May 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Ken Kovie's parents opened their first upholstery shop in Chicago in 1939.
R], one of the largest suppliers of 50 Hz heated upholstery cleaning systems, is selling a 20.
Tupelo first made its mark in promotional upholstery, and now the show is a showcase for entry-level leather, which has fallen to heretofore unseen prices in the past year.
offers the best colors, designs and performance for high-impact upholstery.
In 2003, Hooker acquired upscale leather seating specialist Bradington-Young, and the combination of the two seating resources under the Hooker Furniture umbrella "would create approximately $100 million in annual upholstery sales for the Company, and also would take our total revenues closer to the $400 million mark," he said.