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The purpose of the tender is to conclude an agreement with a single service provider in the field of replacement and maintenance of upholstery, with the circular purchase and disposal wherever it possible, given interpretation.
Serge- or zigzag-finish the piece edges, as upholstery fabrics ravel easily.
The right combination of arm, skirt and back style along with the proper spring type, frame type, and upholstery can truly improve the look of your space.
Invest in a statement piece that transcends fashion and gives your room a sophisticated edge, such as the Dakota sofa from G Plan Upholstery - now with 30% off RRP in the Leekes autumn sale.
With Tencel in upholstery fabrics, we have gone one step further with our 'Botanic Living' concept.
During this (2001-2010) period, the largest domestic plants producing upholstery fabric have been shuttered, resulting in significant loss of capacity, and thousands of workers who have lost their jobs, the petition says.
The Ghiaccio White comes with a choice of black or natural leather upholstery.
Bespoke colours for the Limited Edition include Carbonio Black with natural leather upholstery while the Alfa Red exterior paintwork is matched to a black leather interior.
Second Life Interiors & Upholstery plans to use the space for offices and as a showroom and workroom.
CONCEPT UPHOLSTERY Unit 9a, Flemington Industrial Estate Hamilton Road Tel 0141 641 3333
One of the most common VOCs is formaldehyde, which is used in glues and is added to paints as a preservative and to upholstery to make it permanent-press.
Upholstery producer Rowe Furniture is teaming up with potter, retailer and recent hotel designer Jonathan Adler to produce a line of upholstery.