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If the poet write a true drama, then he is Caesar, and not the player of Caesar; then the selfsame strain of thought, emotion as pure, wit as subtle, motions as swift, mounting, extravagant, and a heart as great, self-sufficing, dauntless, which on the waves of its love and hope can uplift all that is reckoned solid and precious in the world,--palaces, gardens, money, navies, kingdoms,--marking its own incomparable worth by the slight it casts on these gauds of men;--these all are his, and by the power of these he rouses the nations.
It is no good for quakers, or any other body of men, to uplift their voices against fighting.
little Arthur not daring to uplift his voice; but, being deeply interested in what they were reading, stayed quietly behind, and learnt on for his own pleasure.
The war did not uplift our landlady as it did her lodgers.
It uplifts the soul to see such men as the old count and his worthy son," said she.
There is a tremendous pressure inside the NHS, with cataract surgery being rationed, and I have been told I cannot do several other types of ophthalmic surgery on the NHS, so there will be a shift to the private sector--we, as Uplift, can benefit from that, with optoms, or someone else will.
This kind of a height system together with a precise geoid model and a precise land uplift model will serve as the basis for future National Height Systems.
The BB' long-term rating on BIDV reflects a two-notch uplift over the bank's stand-alone credit rating.
fairway of the Heath shale in the Central Montana Uplift in Montana, USA.
HERAT CITY (PAN): The Rural Rehabilitations and Development Department (RRDD) of western Herat province announced the completion of 14 uplift projects under National Solidarity Programme in Oba district and inauguration of over 230 uplift projects under work for food programme in eight other districts of the province.
It's a two-CD set, and just in case we should fall into the error of supposing that music might relax and uplift us at the same time, it's divided into the Relaxing CD (Elgar Lux Aeterna, Delibes Flower Duet) and the Uplifting CD (Verdi La Donne e mobile, Doyle Non Nobis Domine from Henry V).
Included among these responsibilities are the promotion of the community, to uplift society, to bestow immortality, to preserve and transmit culture, to organize chaos, and finally, to provide "sacred space" for a democratic and secular culture.