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Encouraged by the Academy Award prestige of last year's ``Dead Man Walking'' and the $100 million-plus grosses of the new-agey uplifter ``Phenomenon,'' the major studios have a number of spiritually themed productions ready for release during the lucrative period between early November and the end of the year.
John Griffin, Executive Director of the Rock Band Relief project, said of the collaboration, "Big Kenny is a natural uplifter of people and has the ability to inspire hope in those around him.
311 are touring behind their 2009 studio release, Uplifter - the highest charting 311 album ever, debuting at #3.
Or squeeze yourself into Aristoc's Uplift and Control, Charnos Shape- up, Calvin Klein's Uplifter Shaper or Phillipe Matignon's All Day Up.
The Yang Soother and Yin Uplifter helps restore balance to the body and mind.