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Here he pushed his reserve into the breach and when his gabble-gear was again disengaged resumed his uplifting discourse.
I am glad that it was given to me to be an instrument in the hands of Providence for the uplifting of benighted Europe, and the amelioration of the suffering, degradation, and abysmal ignorance in which I found her.
Maria, situated in that quarter, was, during the general uplifting of the land, raised to nearly three times the height of any other part of the coast.
Her piety consisted in an occasional heaving of sighs, and uplifting of eyes to the ceiling, and the utterance of a few cant phrases.
He was going both to rest for a fortnight, and in the very heart of the people, in the farthest wilds of the country, to enjoy the sight of that uplifting of the spirit of the people, of which, like all residents in the capital and big towns, he was fully persuaded.
I remember the uproar of the elements while Raffles was gone; no other sound mingled with it; not the opening of a single window, not the uplifting of a single voice.
He cherished the recollections of his successes; he had an exulting eagerness for endeavour; when he talked, his aspect was warlike, chivalrous, and uplifting.
This uplifting illusion made him inquisitorial and peremptory.
Back to his rooms, where the Revolution had sought him out to put to a sudden test his dormant instincts, his half-conscious thoughts and almost wholly unconscious ambitions, by the touch as of some furious and dogmatic religion, with its call to frantic sacrifices, its tender resignations, its dreams and hopes uplifting the soul by the side of the most sombre moods of despair.
Oh, how welcome, the widening of that dismal watery level, the gradual uplifting of the cloudy firmament, the slowly defining blackness of objects above the glassy dark
It is pertinent to mention that CDA has allocated double of the amount, which is being spent on the up-gradation of the remaining sectors, for the up-gradation and uplifting of Sectors I-9 and I-10.
Synopsis: Compiled by the editorial staff of the Reader's Digest, "Treasury of Joy and Inspiration: 90 years of Uplifting Storytelling" is filled from cover to cover with essays and true tales that illuminate and uplift the spirt of the reader and which are written by some of America's most famous authors and leaders, these great reads illuminate and uplift.