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The last thing I heard, he was attacking it like a true champion and I have the upmost faith he will pull through with flying colours.
This order is a great example of how strong the Protector RWS is in the international market as saving Soldiers' lives and increasing battlefield effectiveness is of the upmost importance.
m sure Alan will have a lot of affection for the club in return but make no mistake, by the time 3pm arrives he will be offering no favours and will be trying his upmost to beat the Blues.
Mackie explained: "I don't want to get into a slagging match but my name wasn't put on last week's teamlines and was left out of the programme which I thought was very poor from a club I have the upmost respect for.
Cost & efficiency are of the upmost importance to all solar cell manufacturers as they seek a competitive advantage within the PV Industry.
From the moment he was picked up by two very efficient ambulance men, who showed the upmost care and consideration, until on wards 18 and 17 , the professionalism shown by all the staff was second to none.
Benefits were first applied to tide you over while you did your upmost to find a job.
And although Glackin insists no-one at Butts Park is thinking about their league position, performances and results are upmost in their minds and the derby with lowly Bees represents an opportunity to get back to winning ways.
Young said: "We will be doing our upmost to get ourselves into the final and give the fans something to look forward too.
The players have the upmost respect for the coach and within the team we know we can continue to perform when Vinny (Nielsen) is gone, but he's a huge part of our team and giving him what's probably going to be a week off, I think it's the least we can do," he added.
The review process was overseen by General Motors head of retail marketing Richard Hughes, who said: "With a host of new product launches looming for all our brands, the right retailer communications are of the upmost importance to us.
RHYS I fans can expect nothing but the upmost privacy when he arrives in Cardiff on Tuesday according to those at the venue preparing to host the actor and singer in the middle of a tabloid frenzy.