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The last thing I heard, he was attacking it like a true champion and I have the upmost faith he will pull through with flying colours.
The gelding has a course record that merits the upmost respect, as his form figures read 1162311, with two of those victories over course and distance.
Firstly, as a charity, we have an obligation to our supporters, who have so generously donated items to our charity shop to do our upmost to get the best price for them, thus valuing their support.
It's of the upmost importance to realise, as I state in the accepted authoritative text on the matter in Uncommon Psychiatric Syndromes, that 'the diagnosis of Munchausen's by Proxy cannot be made without the mother undergoing an examination by a psychiatrist specialising in adult psychiatry, although it would be advisable for such an expert to co-operate closely with the paediatrician treating the child.
He's 42 now, so he's got four more years he can play to the upmost of his ability.
But when I sit down to name the squad for our qualifying match against Belgium in March, it's form and not sentiment that will be upmost in my mind.
The bill was of upmost priority for Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater.
m sure Alan will have a lot of affection for the club in return but make no mistake, by the time 3pm arrives he will be offering no favours and will be trying his upmost to beat the Blues.
All the staff were compassionate, attentive and our mum, in the last days of her life, was treated with the upmost dignity and respect.
Mackie explained: "I don't want to get into a slagging match but my name wasn't put on last week's teamlines and was left out of the programme which I thought was very poor from a club I have the upmost respect for.
From the moment he was picked up by two very efficient ambulance men, who showed the upmost care and consideration, until on wards 18 and 17 , the professionalism shown by all the staff was second to none.