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The Welsh Affairs Committee, challenging the Tories' plans to savage S4C's budget and make it part of the BBC, suggested it was time the channel upped sticks and left the capital, spreading economic benefits and saving a few bob.
But it is a country which has fascinated the English for centuries and led so many Brits to have upped sticks and gone to live in remote French peasant cottages in stunning country villages.
It's very similar with the world rankings, as since I upped sticks six weeks ago they haven't really got away from me there, so obviously world No.
Ditching the booze and the drugs in favour of keeping her own sanity, she upped sticks and moved to a shack in Nashville where she fell in love, had kids and enjoyed the simple life.
Seven years in Birmingham has brought ten-fold growth for the Birmingham office of the Knight Frank agency, which earlier this year upped sticks for larger premises In 1998, seven staff moved into the company's first Birmingham base at 85-89 Colmore Row.
Stop press--escapees wanted Channel Four is currently making a second series of the popular series No Going Back, about British people who have downed tools and upped sticks.
The charismatic little car is a Midlands icon and many feel that BMW stole the family silver when they upped sticks and took the Mini with them.
She has upped sticks, left her London home and put her roots down in Tinseltown, where she is secretly working on her debut music album.
He then upped sticks and departed, leaving others to pick up the pieces.
It mattered to the AFC fans, still outraged at how their club upped sticks and moved to Milton Keynes.