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And all the destruction and violence had been done by the slum-dwellers and the upper classes.
Posh People: Inside Tatler (BBC2, Monday) takes us inside the upper classes through the eyes of Britain's poshest magazine.
By comparison, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, found that individuals in the upper middle and upper classes were less able to detect and respond to the distress signals of others.
Do we really want to return to a past where the lower classes lived in houses that were cold, damp and overcrowded while the upper classes lived in multi-roomed mansions with heating in every room?
Note the word 'even', as if the upper classes should know better.
But the bigger issue is why is everything in Scotland which doesn't appeal to the wealthy upper classes being wiped off the map?
British politics is dominated by the middle classes, with a few business types, and, worse, lawyers, although all major parties are controlled by the upper classes via the media they own.
Snowcroft presents The Blanchard Brothers Film Company, a novel set at the beginning of the twentieth century--when motion pictures were just beginning to spread as a form of popular entertainment in the nickelodeons frequented by the lower classes, while the upper classes watched theater and the middle classes attended vaudeville.
noir reflected the paranoia of the upper classes, these sleuths, perps, and victims are Bernal Heights hookers, Mission building inspectors, and Chinatown militants.
Commissions were purchased for the second sons of the upper classes while the ranks were made up of the unemployed, criminals, and the excess sons of laborers.
Neither peasants, who had unmediated access to subsistence, nor the upper classes, who relied on the state for revenue, were subject to systematic pressure to compete, specialize, and cut costs by replacing labor with capital and relentlessly reinvesting.

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