upper extremity

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Spasticity was measured using the MAS, and the functional performance of a paretic extremity was evaluated by the Fugl- Meyer Motor Assessment of Upper Extremity (FMM-UE), Amount of Use (AOU) scale, Quality of Movement (QOM) scale, and the Motor Activity Log (MAL).
Patient's right upper extremity revealed spasticity with flexion at the elbow and wrist.
A very large flap can be obtained in this manner, and if needed, can be continued down the entire length of the upper extremity to include the forearm and hand if more tissue is needed.
On physical examination, there is no muscle atrophy of the shoulder girdle and the upper extremity.
5) According to Taub, a person who has sustained stroke attempts to utilize the affected upper extremity or lower extremity.
Venous ultrasound of the upper extremity showed an extensive thrombus involving the right subclavian, axillary, and basilic veins.
Neurilemomas are the most frequently arising benign nerve tumors of the upper extremity and are also called Schwannomas.
Summary of: Wolf SL, Winstein CJ, Miller JP, Taub E, Uswatte G, Morris D, Giuliani C, Light KE, Nichols-Larsen D, EXCITE Investigators (2006) Effect of constraint-induced movement therapy on upper extremity function 3 to 9 months after stroke: the EXCITE randomized clinical trial.
In addition, we reviewed all of the upper extremity duplex ultrasonography reports at our institution during the study time period to identify any PICC-associated DVTs not recorded in the PICC team files.
Primary outcomes of interest are upper extremity musculoskeletal disorders and function as well as quality of life.

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