upper hand

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In the RX150 class, it was double-champion Marc Scott who grabbed the win, this time getting the upper hand over Palmer.
The source said the rebels' gathering centers in Jani al-Ablawi, to the east of Morek, Tal Fas, Attshan, al-Latamina, Kafar Zeta, Tal al-Ablawi and Tal Salima in the central parts of the province have been targeted by the army men that are advancing day by day and gaining upper hands in the battlefronts.
Newport looked to regain the upper hand from the restart and could have moved back ahead after two minutes but wing Matthew Pewtner knocked on over the try line as he attempted to touch down one-handed.
At the halfway mark St John appeared to have the upper hand but it had been a closely fought affair thus far.
Although Inter took the upper hand in their semifinal, Mourinho remains in awe of the side he is plotting to take the title away from.
Israel has taken the upper hand in the war against road deaths.
In eastern Washington state, meanwhile, crews gained the upper hand on a wildfire that had prompted the evacuation of a small town.
Anyway, our sympathy is with Gideon for the longest time, as he struggles just to live (and Brosnan struggles harder to express his agony), then to get the upper hand against his pursuers.
LDP seen as having upper hand in by-election campaigning: Kyodo poll
Wokingham winner Baltic King returns to the scene of his greatest triumph and has the upper hand on official ratings, but I'd take him on with Firenze, who has always promised to develop into a 100-odd rated mare and still has the time to prove herself at the highest level.
And maintain a good credit rating so that you can maintain the upper hand in determining your options when it comes time to refinancing into a traditional loan.
because fight now he feels al-Qaeda has the upper hand in the public relations battle" in the Muslim world.

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