upper limit

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Niraj Masand, partner at Banke International, reckons that by pegging the upper limit at 75 per cent, the mortgage cap is end-user friendly.
Calculate the upper limit of estimated 90th percentile at [alpha] significance level by
Both rates for the tax incentive, the only one contained in the Statute for Industrial Innovation, reach the upper limits of the existing range.
I propose to introduce a Welsh business rate relief package that will increase the upper limits for each category of small business rate relief by at least 20%.
No additional aminotransferase levels more than 3 times the upper limit of normal were observed with long-term treatment (median exposure, 102 weeks) despite dose increases to 10 mg qd in more than half the patients," the team reports.
However, in reality, the private market contains many other commonly used forms of insurance contract, such as a policy with an upper limit.
Influential trade organizations, particularly in the natural food and supplements industry, have remained silent under the belief that the Dietary Supplement and Health Education Act (DSHEA), enacted in 1994, which keeps nutrients from being classified as drugs and allows no upper limit on dosage of nutrients, will keep Codex regulations away from our kitchen tables and personal freedoms.
Although I am assured there was no over-spending on anticipated funding, we need to know what was the acceptable upper limit of that support.
Because carbides in ductile iron castings tend to increase velocity, castings with excessive carbides can be discerned by using an upper limit for acceptable carbide levels.
From these data an upper limit for the branching ratio (BR) for the radiative decay branch can be estimated.
OSE's deterministic real-time response is critical here, enabling the system to detect a link failure and switch to a new link much faster than the 50-msec upper limit specified by Telcordia.