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While the raw data did, as expected, reveal worse health associated with high pollution days, NJMRC said "the correlation disappeared on almost all measures" when the researchers controlled for potential time-related confounders, such as upper respiratory infections.
We receive up to 300 patients a day, half of which suffer from bronchitis and upper respiratory infections," said Suresh.
Some studies show shortened duration of upper respiratory infections as compared to placebo, while other studies show no difference.
For the most part, running does appear to confer a protective effect against the common cold and other upper respiratory infections (URI).
These services include routine physicals, treatment for ear, eye, skin and upper respiratory infections.
Frances Sturdivan, 78, who is prone to upper respiratory infections, parked her car two blocks away and paid for three hours worth of meter time rather than suffer through another unsuccessful attempt at her local Sav-on.
Throat swabs for virus isolation were performed on 180 randomly selected Fort Gordon advanced training soldiers who reported to clinic for treatment of minor illnesses, including afebrile upper respiratory infections.
Researchers at the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Wisconsin have reviewed the evidence reported in medical studies on Echinacea and upper respiratory infections, both for treatment and prevention.
In people, scientists have linked chronic production of a related hormone, called cortisol, to heart disease and upper respiratory infections (SN: 5/23/87, p.
Patients are being treated for upper respiratory infections and viral and gastrointestinal symptoms.
9%) were upper respiratory infections, which included rhinosinusitis, tracheitis, tracheobronchitis, and bronchitis; 19 (21.
Less reassuring is a study by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, which found that one-third of upper respiratory infections and two-thirds of the ear infections suffered by children who attend day care were associated with day care.

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