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In two field studies on driving behavior, upper-class motorists were found to be four times more likely than the other drivers to cut off other vehicles at a busy four-way intersection and three times more likely to cut off a pedestrian waiting to enter a crosswalk.
Another study found that upper-class participants presented with scenarios of unscrupulous behaviour were more likely than the individuals in the other socio-economic classes to report replicating this type of behaviour themselves.
In summary, from what I witnessed while teaching AFROTC cadets, we developed character by using excellent lesson plans (containing core values, discipline, and self-discipline lessons/case studies), with the positive influences of the cadre, upper-class cadets, and peer cadets, by providing a family environment and structure, and with fantastic monetary rewards.
The MSPCC and its upper-class allies led many of child welfare's transformations over the 20th century--Professionalization, government bureaucratization, and increased power are all legacies of this influential organization.
However, it is also true that in this age of postindustrial capitalism middle- and upper-class white men are experiencing their own fears of loss of income, social position, and control.
Upper-class affiliation, she shows, was based on at least two of the following three criteria: firstly wealth, secondly kinship and descent and thirdly education and etiquette.
Gunsberg's study very effectively argues that in early sixteenth-century comedy the presence of female characters, both in visual and audible terms, was in reverse order to their position in the socioeconomic scale, with the upper-class girls being described and ventriloquised on stage mostly by male characters, while the women at the other end of the scale - servants, prostitutes and procuresses - took subsidiary part in the plot.
Despite the fact that Sha'rawi's "woman" is untheorized and almost always conceptualized as upper-class, Sha'rawi's rich narration of a life of intense social interaction and political activism during a time of local and global change releases an amplitude of voices in tension with the controlling purposes of the Lady narrator.
It will be objected (stay your hands a moment, Washington Monthly letter-to-the-editor writers) that today the president, the secretary of state, and the secretary of the treasury are all White Anglo-Saxon Protestants born to secure upper-class wealth and educated at boarding schools and Ivy League colleges-a WASP Trifecta not achieved at any other time in the past half-century-and that Ralph Lauren has gotten very rich helping the middle class to acquire a hint of the old WASP style.
Ain't had already found its way downstairs and into the stables, along with all the rest of the slurrings and contractions that had once been so deliciously upper-class.
LOS ANGELES -- It's girls' night out in Mametville as the Geffen Playhouse presents Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright David Mamet's "Boston Marriage," a wickedly sharp drawing room comedy about two fashionable, upper-class women involved in a "Boston marriage," a Victorian euphemism for a long-term, intimate relationship between two unmarried, financially independent women.