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To investigate how class relates to ethical conduct, the researchers surveyed the ethical tendencies of more than 1,000 individuals of lower-, middle- and upper-class backgrounds.
In two field studies on driving behaviour, upper-class motorists were found to be four times more likely than the other drivers to cut off other vehicles at a busy four-way intersection and three times more likely to cut off a pedestrian waiting to enter a crosswalk.
In a nutshell: Though practically all talk, this is a richly emoted study of an upper-class English marriage cracking under strains of adultery and criminal cover-up.
In addition to excellent lesson plans, the positive impact of cadre members, upper-class cadets, and cadet peers helps develop character.
CHALLENGE: Sir Richard Branson believes his airline's upper-class service will win British Airways'customers Picture: TIM OCKENDEN
These upper-class "social reformers" intervened in families' lives based on their standards of what an American family should be.
Although asserting a universal description of the human condition as revealed truthfully only in the Christian narrative, (41) by self-definition Hauerwas reveals that he speaks out of the social position and the problems, experiences, and fears of white middle- and upper-class American males.
Allies in upper-class families and the corporate elite aren't, however, particularly concerned about these issues.
In her preteen years, Mary Lou Williams was already earning money to help support her family by playing the piano at white upper-class socials, black middle-class teas, silent movies, and the black honky-tonks and whorehouses that populated Pittsburgh in the early 1900s.
Hurston registers the negative bias against voodoo mainly among the Haitian upper class, who wished to deny the existence of voodoo altogether: "The upper-class Haitian is steeped in voodoo traditions but he will 'lie' to save his own and the national pride" (Tell 83).
Upper-class affiliation, she shows, was based on at least two of the following three criteria: firstly wealth, secondly kinship and descent and thirdly education and etiquette.