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Sick of u uppity black n hiding behind your political correctness .
Willie Mays, a teammate and White's lifelong friend, has written the foreword to Uppity.
Christian clerics in New York and Los Angeles don't issue death warrants for uppity novelists or murder blasphemous movie producers.
The story describes the high living that Wal-Mart execs have brought to the area, including a Hummer dealership, pricey art galleries and uppity eateries.
Radical uppity women make people in power nervous, so they are disappeared from history whenever possible.
Policing in insect societies would then have evolved to quash such uppity young females, says Ratnieks.
Eurocar purists howled, but the uppity plebian Pontiac simply hauled ass, and an American legend was born
He thought we were uppity women who had to be brought to heel.
From a feminist perspective these Magi who resist patriarchal violence and lift up the compassion and wisdom of God could as easily be named as misfits, mothers, and uppity women.
The likes of Rikki Jay, Tucker and Francine Lewis will never be as dull as the uppity thesps he has on there.
This threat was magnified by the race and self-assurance of its practitioners, and it was resolved the way that American courts have customarily dealt with uppity blacks whenever property was on the block.
In an article in the Voice discussing the dilemma of feminists torn between opposition to war and loathing of the Taliban, Sharon Lerner portrays the outcry at Thobani's speech as an example of an uppity woman being punished for dissent--but never mentions Thobani's bizarre views of women's rights.