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But he supposed she was; and he took a step towards the sleeping child with his dagger upraised.
The leader of the human beings stepped forward with upraised hands.
He saw a mighty arm upraised, and a stout spear shoot forward toward the lion, to bury itself in the broad chest.
As the thought took firm hold upon him he paused and raising his face to Goro, the moon, cursed with upraised hand the authors of the hideous crime that had been perpetrated in that once peaceful bungalow behind him; and he cursed their progenitors, their progeny, and all their kind the while he took silent oath to war upon them relentlessly until death overtook him.
Quite unexpectedly they came upon the two, and with a shout von Horn leaped forward, his bull whip upraised.
For ten minutes or more they kept up their monotonous chant and steps, and then suddenly, and in perfect unison, they turned toward their victim with upraised bludgeons and emitting fearful howls, the while they contorted their features into the most diabolical expressions, they rushed upon him.
He stumbled on a few steps, a little black snake crept out of its bed of mud, and looked at him with yellow eyes protruding from its upraised head.
She had pushed back her veil, her head was a little upraised in a mute gesture of appeal.
Then was lamentation upraised after the feast, a great noise in the morning.
Come, then, Athena, with hand upraised (6) over the kiln.
33 bullet in his face, and at the same moment Victory slipped quickly past him, dropping into my upraised arms that were awaiting her.
The action of fresh water on the gently inclined Wealden district, when upraised, could hardly have been great, but it would somewhat reduce the above estimate.