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Governor of Qunetira Ma'an Salah-Eddin Ali told SANA reporter that this national anniversary carried a lot of meanings and indications as it reminds us of the upraising of the Syrian people in Golan against the so-called" Golan annexation law".
He added that before the public upraising the Afghan forces were not able to go to those areas due to insecurity where besides Afghan insurgents, tens of foreign militants were active.
He further praised the role Al Jazeera news channel had played during the Libyan upraising in promoting the Libyan cause and making it reach globally.
The organization has not added a single water reservoir to increase hydel power capacity during the tenure of its Chairman Shakeel Durrani except claiming the completion of Mangla reservoir upraising, which has not reached at end due to non-payment of compensation to affected people of the site.
The Mangla Dam Upraising Project, Gomal Zam Dam, Satpara and Kurram Tangi dams have still not been completed.
The Fauji Cement official said that the cement produced by the Fauji Cement is the best for constructing dams and tall buildings and it is being used in Mangla Dam upraising project.
21 upraising in 1946 of thousands of Egyptian students demonstrating against the British occupation.
The author attempts to explain O'Connor's political views and judicial temperament through her upraising and experiences, including her inability to be taken seriously by any law firm when she graduated from Stanford Law School third in her class.
Under first phase of Prime Minister Education Reforms Programme, the official source said that work on upraising of boundary walls of 22 institutions is near completion.
069 million have been allocated for preparation of feasibility report for Rawal dam upraising project, Rs 27.
In Logar province, a public upraising commander escaped unhurt in a roadside bombing in the Taqi Shah village on the outskirts of Pul-i-Alam, the provincial capital.
In explaining this man and his work, author Dan O'Neill takes the reader back to his subject's childhood and upraising, which show how parents with a deep curiosity about the world around them can guide a rambunctious kid into the intellectual heights.