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Under the word "integrity," it offered: "The quality or state of being of sound moral principle, uprightness, honesty and sincerity" .
Integrity is defined as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles or moral uprightness.
If he is sidelined or removed from the TMC, the Congress should not hesitate in accommodating him, and using his talent and moral uprightness for good governance.
It is our duty to be grateful by strengthening relations through uprightness and benevolence," he explained, pointing out that the stronger family bonds are, the deeper we understand the notion of patriotism.
there is first the very uprightness of the face, its upright
Our vision, built from a strong heritage of uprightness, constant care, and innovation, has guided our business operations since the first Maersk Line vessel sailed in 1904.
A family is the fountain of good morals, uprightness, respectfulness, high principles and decency in behaviour and conduct.
These precepts challenge our efforts at honesty, uprightness, justice and fairness.
Quoting the Quran, he said Muslims must cherish the values of uprightness and probity while assuming their duties towards their well-being and that of humanity.
The message recalled the lofty human qualities of the late Moulay Taib Alaoui as well as his administrative capacities, skills, seriousness and uprightness in serving the general interest in the various missions and responsibilities he took over.
This act of honesty won Isa Khan attention of the international media which heaped favours on the honest Pakistani for his uprightness and veracity.
Courage, mental/physical strength and moral uprightness were highlighted.