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Many sickly ones have there always been among those who muse, and languish for God; violently they hate the discerning ones, and the latest of virtues, which is uprightness.
Now really, to foment his disturbances in secret, through the medium of such a very apt instrument as my savage friend here, may further our real ends; and to express at all becoming seasons, in moderate and polite terms, a disapprobation of his proceedings, though we agree with him in principle, will certainly be to gain a character for honesty and uprightness of purpose, which cannot fail to do us infinite service, and to raise us into some importance.
Of course,' said Mr Merdle, 'there must be the strictest integrity and uprightness in these transactions; there must be the purest faith between man and man; there must be unimpeached and unimpeachable confidence; or business could not be carried on.
I owe everything I possess, solely to the disinterestedness, uprightness, tenderness, goodness (there are no words to satisfy me) of Mr and Mrs Boffin.
Carved in the wall below the plaque, after Greys name and dates, was the following tribute: By uprightness of character, wisdom in council and firmness in action, he won the confidence of his countrymen, and helped to carry them through many and great dangers.
KARACHI -- Processions across Pakistan are taking place to pay homage to the unparalleled sacrifices of Hazrat Imam Hussain and his companions who laid down their lives to preserve the uprightness of Islam in Karbala.
ISLAMABAD -- Comprehensive arrangements have been made to observe Youm-e-Ashur, the 10th of Muharramul Harram, on Saturday with religious zeal to pay homage to Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) and his companions, who laid down their lives to preserve uprightness of Islam in Karbala.
But the world is an exceptionally troubled place, and the people we look to for honour and democratic uprightness and all the rest of it, are becoming more and more totalitarian.
And even though we outspread our offerings for both broker-dealer and independent channel, we keep our devotion to first-rated services and product uprightness, values that represent Voth Nixon Group enterprise," Ludwig Voth added.
His concern with the collection and verification of the Hadith reports, his uprightness, his creedal certainty and his courage pulsates through the pages of Ibn al-JawzI's work and the translation captures it in an easy-to-read language, with only occasional lapses (see below).
Therefore, it does not expect women alone to uphold society's morality and uprightness.
Rajasthan Royals commends the player for having reported this incident immediately and for his honesty and uprightness.